I like this coffee grinder!

I like this coffee grinder. I has all the grind settings anyone could ever need, grinds consistently and evenly and is not too noisy. I use it to grind espresso which is a fine grind that requires a lot of consistency, and it does that very well with the right kind of bean.

It will not, however, handle oily beans. If you put an oily, deep roasted bean in it, it will jam constantly. Mine arrived in good shape, with no damage to the packing, but the chute was installed by someone who tightened the screws too much and is cracked on both sides and the wire that holds the portafilter underneath the chute holds it slightly to one side so my grounds tend to pile up on the right side and spill out before I have enough to fill the filter.

grinding coffee

Over all I am mostly please with this coffee ¬†grinder. It seems sturdy and has functioned well on a daily basis for about a year now. And, if you don’t mind the drawbacks mentioned above, this grinder is probably the best coffee grinder for the money that you can buy. If you do mind the drawbacks mentioned above (or like oily, dark roasts) be prepared to spend more money. A good grinder makes all the difference in the world to coffee, and I personally am only sorry that I waited so long to buy one.

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