Excellent espresso machine for a coffee lover

Excellent espresso machine. I love espresso and wanted to learn how to make them at home. This just about as much as I could justify spending. The next step up features double boilers and is more automatic, but start at 2X-4X the cost. Lots of research later and I decided to get this one. Very happy with this machine and would not hesitate to buy it again. If you’re new to pulling espresso shots there is a learning curve and some variables that you have to learn to control besides the beans quality.

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However, that is precisely what intrigued me. I typically shy away from fully automatic things that take away the element of art and user control. I love to learn how and why things work and don’t work. After a little while, you’ll learn to recognize pretty quickly what you did wrong and why the taste is off. And you’ll also feel pretty good about yourself when you begin to consistently pull very tasty shots. This machine has not disappointed me anyway and exceeded my expectations.

Other resources: http://lavues.com/espresso-machine