Buying an espresso maker

Buying an espresso maker is one of the greatest decisions I have made in the office and brought a lot of benefits. I just used to read about how businesses have been able to make great progression just by having this machine in their businesses, but never paid much attention until I bought it. Since then I have been able to satisfy my customers as they wait to be served. This has made my business a great attraction because customers never get bored. This has improved their patience as they wait to be served. The other good thing is that anyone in the office has the ability to prepare fine coffee and other hot beverages without undergoing any form of training on how to use the machine. Here are other major benefits I have received by using the machine.

espresso machine


Enhanced customer mood

Most customers get tired of spending a lot of time waiting and they tend to walk out before they are served. This is something that used to cost my business a lot of money in terms of sales. However, with an espresso machine in the office we have been able to provide a selection of delicious drinks for patient waiting to get the specific services they need. This has made my customers feel they get special treatment. The hot beverages and coffee offered to them have gone a long way in enhancing their patience too. The customers have developed a positive attitude towards the business which has gone a long way in boosting the profit.

Reduced office expenses

In the past I had employed staff who was responsible for preparing coffee for employees and other visitors. However, since I bought the machine, I have reduced this expense because no extra staff is required in the office because this is an automatic espresso machine in which no special skills are needed to operate. All what is required is to press a button or two and the machine does all the work needed. This has been good for me since now we can offer lovely drink to all customers without hiring a highly skilled barista. It is now possible for my staff to prepare beverages and the other good thing is that the machines are relatively easy to operate.

Provide ambiance

An espresso machine makes your office have a professional look. Giving a beverage to waiting customers has helped my business develop a great reputation. It makes my customers feel special thus keeping on coming back and referring others to our services.

Source: www.wagonwheelcoffee